student services team
Rachel Nakashoji

Guidance Counselor (N-Z) ext 2016

Jill Badgery

Guidance Counselor (A-G), Scholarships ext 2017

Sarah Storey

Guidance Counselor (H-M), Online Learning ext 2018

Susan Jarrett

Office Assistance Student Services

Paul Chapman

Learning Support Teacher

Laura Waddell

Student Success Teacher

Matthew Shea

Student Success Teacher

student services

Associated Professionals:

Mondays: Colin Campbell, Psychology Intern

Tuesdays: Rebecca Landry,
Youth Worker

Fridays: Anne Houston Social Worker

Thursday: Martha Sully,
Rideauwood Counsellor




Appointment Booking

Students and families may book appointments with Guidance Counsellors. All you need is an email address. Click below to book an appointment.



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